Sunday, November 05, 2006

Now what?

Just below you will see a ring with little columns under it. I have said that I studied architecture, so there is always this temptation to throw little neo-classical touches into your pots. So, I said 'hey, what if I had 4 little columns attached by a ring holding up an elephant?'. But when I got to the stage below I realized the base needed a BOWL, not an elephant.
You see, life as a potter is all about the quick thinking, the life and death decisions....
My left paw seems to be healed and moving normally, so slow speed week is over, and back to normal blazing work speed.
(further thinking: little columns might make a nice base for a teapot, cups???)


cm said...

A teapot, definitely.

gr said...

Glad to hear it. Just made one.