Sunday, July 06, 2008

oh my, what have I gotten into?

(Spike is not a worrier)
Having arranged to teach a small class at Thou Art Gallery in Groton, NY on the next 2 Tuesdays, I am told that the class has sold out. I am a little surprised. You see, if you buy my piggy bank, it will cost you 19 dollars. If you take my class to make a piggy bank, it will cost you 35 dollars! But of course, the person will have made it themselves.
I am realizing, though, that I have tools and equipment for one person (myself). I havn't done a traveling class before, and I had assumed only one or two people would enroll, but how do I plan for a room full of demanding adults?


Gordo said...

A victim of your own success! ;-)

gary rith said...

neccessity is the mother of invention, or something, right? I have a plan!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that extra money is the premium paid for studying with the master himself!

kate&jim said...

Nobody is vacationing this year. It's too expensive, so they're staying close to home and doing fun taking a pottery class!

Reb said...

You'll manage, you're creative.