Monday, July 28, 2008

scenes from a weekend

(missus potsblog going nowhere, and grilled veggies!)
This blog has actually very little that is personal, but then again, very little happens in my life. Plus I do very little.
But there in the pottery studio is a set of weights and a rowing machine, and me and the missus use them and we aim to be quite buff and strong for the old people that we are. My wife hates being photographed and blogged, but she doesn't know my passwords...(I wonder if blogging is considered as boorish as burping without warning? maybe it is worse)
and few things are better than grilled potatoes, peppers and onions, OH MY!


Anonymous said...

And aren't those little tomatoes on the end of the skewers? YUM!

gary rith said...

why yes, yes they are, and delicious too

Lynda said...

No one in my house (read: husband and daughter) have a clue what my password is. I like it that way ;-)

Happy rowing!

Farmer*swife said...

I wondered when I saw the pic of the Misses on the row machine, "bet she wasn't happy about that!" LOL!

Dinner on the grill looks quite yummy! What are the pattie looking things? [Love me some purple onion!]

gary rith said...

she hasn't seen this yet today, and she just took me out for coffee and a big chocolatey thing....I am a bad boy---
those are veggie burgers! For those who don't know, I am a vegan.

Tricia said...

I keep waiting and hoping for my taste buds to mature. I have this nasty aversion to onions, but they sure look delicious.

Blogging is like burping, but then saying excuse me.