Monday, July 14, 2008

Kim says: girls just want to have fun

(Kim's dog Spencer, in a red bodysuit)
Longtime readers of this blog know Denis, and they know Denis' ladyfriend Kim (although he flirts with Celeste just to make Kim jealous), they know that Denis is a nudist, Kim might become one, and they know Kim's Weimeraner Spencer.
OK, what we DIDN'T know is that Kim is an old friend of Cyndi Lauper's! That means we are almost friends with Cyndi too. I was thinking Cyndi could sing at my next birthday party, alright?
Cyndi live:


Kim said...

We went to Johnson State College and were in the same dorm together. She was in all my art classes and was a part-time model in the drawing classes.

She didn't mind being nude one bit and would sometime put her boots on and go grab a burger at the union au natural.

denis said...

kim, i didn't know you knew her.

i knew cyndi was cool but i had no idea she was this cool!

gary, if she sings for your birthday you better invite me...or else...

Anonymous said...

down with unnecessary clothes.
and all clothes are unnecessary.
take Spike for instance

kate&jim said...

Yeah, well - I best get an invite to that party too! ha! I just love Cyndi Lauper, always have.

celeste said...

denis, if gary invites you to his birthday party, will you show up nekkid?

CM said...

I went to see the movie when it came out, with my kid sister and then-boyfriend. They enjoyed it more than I did.

Farmer*swife said...

Awwww, poor Weimer! I mean, is it cold out there or what? LOL!

Guess she's the cool pup on the block!