Wednesday, July 16, 2008

obsessive compulsive disorder

(pottery and plaques by Gary Rith)
I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder, but I think I have obsessive blog disorder. I have so much fun dumping my every silly thought and idea here. Plus pottery and pets. This thing is a creative project all on its own. heck, it is a machine, far bigger than me, with its own momentum. Thanks for reading!
btw, just added this rather faboo berry bowl to my online gallery, for sale cheap!


Lis Garrett said...

EEKS!! A berry bowl?!?!?!?!?

I *love* it!!

CM said...

Your disorder works well for those of us with obsessive blog-checking disorder.

gary said...

ha, Lis bought the bowl, thanks!
And cm, I have that one too!!!!!

Gordo said...

And here I was wondering this morning what your stuff would look like without a coloured glaze. WOW!

denis said...

Lis is so lucky. she got to the bowl before me.

Farmer*swife said...

Um, isn't anyone wondering what happend to the piggies? Did they jump from a three foot high cabinet/table top?


The white glaze with just a little berry is quite nice!

kcinnova said...

That is very possibly the most perfect blueberry bowl ever! Lucky Lis.

Careful with your OBD/OBCD, Gary. That is what got me banned from the computer for a full 24+ hours!
And now I am off to a wedding in Colorado...back on Monday!

gary rith said...

Obsessive blog disorder......clogging the world's netwaves with cute pet pictures and other baloney.
Thanks all!