Saturday, July 26, 2008

le beastie

Buster and Penny. Penny is one of those small dogs who piles onto any pile of animals or people and falls asleep.
SO, we have Saturday here. I spend the day at the Spirit and Kitsch arts coop which is now in its final week of existance! It will become a gallery of some type, now run by Liz, who, well anyway, we will see what happens, but it will not be a cooperative venture anymore.
Spent yesterday reading my book and blowing my nose. Frequent readers will have noticed that I catch a cold every month, and this one is August's, a little early. It was compounded a bit by the aftermath of Thursday night's party, where I tried to avoid anything buttery or dairy items, as I have an allergy, but managed to get some into my system, the result was a fevery and nauseous day.
I am a new man now, however. Off I go....


denis said...

glad you're feeling better.

so sad about the arts coop - it was a cool place. good luck to liz with her new adventure.

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

I never like to here of a cool art venue having to close it's doors- Good luck to all!

kate+jim said...

Have a great day, Gary. It's beautiful out.

kate+jim said...

*Nancy - I was over at your blog and took a quick look at your wares. They're absolutely stunning. I'm intrigued with your switch plates and pulls. I tried to leave a comment, but alas - could not.

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

kate/jim- That is weird, maybe that is why nobody ever sends me a note (except Gary). I can be reached at