Sunday, July 20, 2008

back from Kingston

(Greg and the Cavalier Society)
Oh my. There were, I think, 13 of us at a petite blogger meeting in Kingston, Ontario yesterday. Typical of me, my camera stayed in my pocket, but one of these guys probably got some pics I can scoop later.
So, you see Greg here who was doing a demo in the park with his group, plus The Internationalist, and Gord and CM and B (who blog secretly). There was heaps of food and a million little kids who were all funny and charming and it is WONDERFUL meeting blog friends.


Greg said...

in case anyone cares.. I'm the one in the red pants :D

It was a fabulous weather day and great to see all of you who came by!

Anonymous said...

Was indeed a fun time. The piggy banks are a big hit. Thanks again Gary.

the Internationalist's husband