Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Penny visits Cornell pottery shop

I had to leave the house to Cornell's potshop yesterday and Penny insisted on joining me. She cried a little at unfamiliar surroundings, but was mostly good in there. My wife's boss brings her labradoodle to work, and Penny (ahem) snapped at her, which is what she did the last time they met. Penny doesn't really like other dogs, but she loves people and charmed some of the people she met.


Reb said...

I don't blame her for snapping at a labradoodle. I can understand the desire to calm a poodle down to use as a guide dog for people with allergies, but I had a poodle and have allergies and can tell you they are not hypoallergenic. At least in my case, I react to the saliva.

Janet said...

My Max is the same way. He'd be happy to be an only dog, but he has to share the limelight with Wolf :-)

kcinnova said...

As long as Penny isn't howling, she's okay by me!