Tuesday, July 15, 2008

enormous load of pots ARRIVE OK in Virginia

(pots by Gary Rith now living in Virginia, pizza and salad by Kcinnova!)
Amen, the huge dinner set sent to Kcinnova in Virginia last week arrived UNBROKEN and was unpacked and used right away. Thanks KC!


denis said...

very nice!

i've always dreamt of have a dinner set from gary. perhaps one day.

Gordo said...


Susan as herself said...

I am not sure which looks better---the dishes or the food!

gary rith said...

I know, dinner at KC's house, right????

Farmer*swife said...

I too popped in at her "place" and the setting is fantastic! Her pics really showed the color value of your "glazing dips."

The salad bowls were my favorite!

FYI, Papa S dropped in today (his son, our bldr. sent him and he didn't know why). He was very touched by the salad plate/bowl.

[Yes, it took us this long to get it to him,]

I sent him on his happy way with the new bachelor eating dish and a Shiner Bock (hey, it's almost five and it's hot out there!) LOL!

[I left your info in the bowl and he stated that he might have his daughter/or maybe it was his sister order her a set of four!!]

Happy Tuesday! Giving a special thoughtfull gift for no reason is just so "uplifting." I can't wipe the grin from my face after surprising him!

Thanks GR!!

Farmer*swife said...
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Farmer*swife said...

Sorry, blogger posted my comment twice again! >:-{

gary said...

oh! thanks!!!!!!!!!

Reb said...

Those really look lovely Gary.