Monday, July 14, 2008

Spike and Deborah cook up some singing and dancing.

Deborah in Tennessee writes:
"Tell Spike about this Pussycat Dolls video of 'I don't need a man'. I don't know why he likes the Pussycat Dolls, because there are no cats."
Spike watched and enjoyed this video, but was uncharacteristically silent.
I think it looks like 6 strippers prancing around lip-syncing, flashing what they got.


Anonymous said...

Spike looks so tiny in that box.

gary rith said...

It is a HUGE box holding a huge cat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Spike, you're so photogenic!

Anonymous said...

Cleopatra wants to know, why does Spike get to guest-host posts on your blog, and Emily is silent and unphotographed?

Also, is Spike aware of the blog by Alex the cat?

Anonymous said...

song could be so interesting if they didn't put in that lame ass last bit in.
i don't get a video, so just had to listen instead of watching prancing strippers.

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