Friday, July 18, 2008

rococco or baroque????

(hideous rococco pot and a book cover by Edward Gorey)
Working on a theory here, and stay with me.
In our 1924 Oxford pocket sized dictionary we learn about these design/style terms:

Rococco: with much conventional decoration, tastelessly florid
Baroque: grotesque, whimsical

Hoo hoo, there's an expression for you! 'tastelessly florid'!!!!!!!

OK, I am thinking my style is becoming, let us say, 'modern rococco' because I think it sounds good, although I may sometimes say 'modern baroque'. If you look at the Edward Gorey illustration, you get the idea that adding cute cats and doodads and all the rest was a joke on antiquated styles: overdecorate it and make it fun! So, if we look at the top pic, a real rococco style vase, or thing, you see all the little added bits and it sure is ridiculous, but what if, as Edward Gorey did, and I do now, you added a dancing pig or pigs to a teapot, or a zebra on a sugar bowl, etc, all in the name of fun and good humor? Modern rococco.


CM said...

I just like saying rococco.

ML said...

Me, I'd rather go for baroque!

gary rith said...

I know, barouque=whimsical, but:

~ Sil in Corea said...

Gotta love that "row-cocoa." Gliding downstream and sipping a creamy mugful.

Reb said...

We'll just have to call your style Garocco or Garoque!