Monday, July 14, 2008

Spike say: relax

(Spike and Penny)
This blog has nearly 3000 posts in nearly 2 years. It does not take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure out why.
I plan to add this to the masthead in minute:
keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, maybe something will stick. That's how I run this blog: keep throwing posts at people, maybe something will _____________.


Michelle Patterson said...


Cool site. Love your work.

I plan on coming back.

Chatty said...

Wow. In that excellent photo, Penny and Spike look roughly the same size - and I happen to know that Penny weighs about 19 pounds. May we assume therefore that Spike is, as they say, "built for comfort, not for speed"? ; )
I also must note that the dog in the body suit was almost...frightening. A dog in a red "union suit" - something you don't see every day! He looked quite happy, too!
And almost 3000 posts? That's incredible! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Could Spike be, as Garrison Keillor put it, a "16lb heater cat?" It's an especially good thing to have around the house when the cold winter comes...

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...I haven't throw spaghetti at the wall since I was a newlywed... but I am a little worried about what my kids will think if I start now!

Anonymous said...

you are sooooo wonderful.
love the pose
you are such an incredible sleeper

gary rith said...

Spike is 18 and a half pounds, Penny around the same!
Emily is not a very bright cat, if you met her you would understand. She is a special needs case. She is totally sweet. Spike, however, is quite wise.