Monday, July 28, 2008

Nights in White Satin

The wife was talking about seeing a white satin suit for sale, and I naturally had to sing this song by the Moody Blues. This video is such a time piece: the serious (they look constipated) band members looking profound and knowledgeable in their PIRATE shirts, the psychedelic camera angles, sudden scene shifts, the dude with the flute and the huge mustache.....easy to imagine college students in the late 60s lighting up a big one in their dorm room, trying to sound wise and poetic and get into a young woman's pants....
despite what I say, and despite the pirate shirts, I really like this song, but the video may make you laugh.

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Lou said...

I love this song too. You're description of the video was funny enough that I think watching it now wouldn't be as funny, if that makes sense.