Monday, July 14, 2008

petite sharks

(sharks going into the kiln)
I made little sharks for my young friends Cameron and Phil. Just after I took this pic, I turned the kiln on and it went POP! A small explosion! Well, more like a flashbulb in the computerized firing system. Some kind of electrical surge, so I checked and reset the breaker down in the basement.
At the end of the firing cycle later in the day, the thermocouple was registering some kind of error on the computer screen, and I had to open up the guts of the kiln on Sunday. The bundles of wiring inside that lead to the elements were pushing against the thermocouple connection, and so I had to move them. The computer screen cleared the error.
You are always careful with the kiln, and you always watch it because you don't want a __________. I can't even say it.


kcinnova said...

Cute sharks!

Any noises like that are alarming!

Um, fire? explosion? inferno?

Patricia Griffin said...

Nobody wants a ____________! Glad you figured it out and that all is well. (The sharks are cute, er, ferocious!)

Lynda said...

Don't mess around with sharks, man - you'll get bitten! Sounds like they were trying their best :-)

Farmer*swife said...

A what!? A what!? A what!?

Well, anything with a computer and an excessively large amount of heat makes me edgy! LOL!

Can't wait to see the sharks glazed (and thanks for the paint tip!)


gary said...

FW---you said it EXACTLY, and Patricia, it is nice when you are rambling on about elements and thermocouples that somebody knows what you're saying!

Gordo said...

Sharks! Very cool. I won't tell. :-)

Janet said...

a what? a who? Gawd! LOVE the sharks! Makes me think of fins to the left, fins to the right ;-)

Reb said...

Oh the sharks are great! No, you really don't want the kiln going _______! Glad it was just moving wires.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you have the replacement themocouple at hand so it's available when the present one finally wears out, undoubtedly when something critical needs to be fired.