Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am the Professor?

Surprise! You KNEW there had to be an online quiz: Which Gilligan's Island Character are you? I am overwhelmingly The Professor, with a large dose of Maryann. I told it I wasn't a woman, so how do I get to be part Maryann, and I thought I was a Gilligan anyway???? Must be because I said I was brilliant.
Funny quiz, but skip ahead to the answer otherwise there is a lot of irritating ads, and I promise to stop talking about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gordo said...

Whoo Hooo! I am Gilligan!

Anonymous said...

well you must be brilliant becuase you get/got all of us to read your blatant up front sales pitch(es) every day.
(maybe because it is up front)

now does missus pottersblog have a thing for the professor?

and that comment about age last week or the week before would be something a professor would say-facts, all facts.

Anonymous said...

actually, it is quite a saggittarian (not necessarily sun sign sag) thing to say

Reb said...

Well, I am Mary Ann, with the Professor running very close behind and a smidgen of Ginger, just for spice.

Susan as herself said...

OK-- I could not get that dang quiz to give me a result. Everythime I skipped the ad thiingees I'd get three more until I finally got one which did not have the skip option. And no results.

So I imagine that means I would have died in the ship crash.

Figures. Not being a character denies me of any royalties from the show later in life.

gary rith said...

oh Susan!
and anon sounds suspiciously like Deborah in Tenn.