Wednesday, July 16, 2008

makin' piggies: the glazing

So, it was night number 2 of a 2 part class, making and glazing piggy banks at Thou Art Gallery, Groton, NY. This rather excellent group of people has done well and wants to make more stuff, so we are considering a mug class, etc.
Stuff is cookin' now, about 400 degrees and rising, up to 2200 degrees later today, then cool Thursday and delivered Friday morning.


Gordo said...

Gary Rith: The Potting Piper

Farmer*swife said...

It's just NOT FAIR! I wanna' make and glaze piggies....

Too bad I don't have the power that "Jumper" has [ie: the movie. It was pretty good!]

I'd be "jumping" right into that class! LOL!

Happy Wednesday!!

Reb said...

I can't wait to see them all done, I am sure they will be wonderful.