Monday, July 21, 2008

yeow! a hot man!

My parents live an hour to the east on a former farm with about 90 acres 2/3 of which is woods, plus a river, a stream, a hillside, trails, and a big clean pond full of trout and bass and frogs. There are no mosquitoes and there is no poisen ivy. I know, why don't I go there everyday in the summer???? It is the best swimming hole on earth. My parents have their own state park, lucky me!


Gordo said...

Very nice, Gary. There's nothing like flying off the end of the dock on a hot summer's day.

Susan as herself said...

That looks like a chunk of heaven. I am jealous!!!

ML said...

Hoo, boy! Does that ever look inviting! I felt the temps drop a bunch just looking at you plunging in and floating around.