Sunday, July 06, 2008


(how to finish a piggy bank, week one, by Gary Rith)
I am teaching a class at Thou Art Gallery, where adults show up week one and finish making a piggy bank, then week two return to glaze.
I showed a movie 2-3 weeks of me finishing a piggy bank (click and watch), and now I have brilliantly figured out how to teach a large room full of adults.
OK, problems:
1) tools
2) a board to make your project upon
3) adding extras?
4) something helpful to refer to

1) tools: q-tips for brushes, BBQ bamboo skewers for pin tools, my kitchen knives for clay knives, paper plates and cups to hold wax and glaze for everybody, people will have to share the rest
2) board: folded newspaper for each person
3) I am experimenting today with some extras to add to a pig
4) refer: hey, look at this cool handout everybody can use! I will make another page the next week when people are back for glazing

So, I need to show up with plenty of clay, that's no problem. I also have to make all these piggy bodies on Monday so that they are half dry in time for class on Tuesday, when folks add ears, tail etc., and then I have to be able to pack them safely to take home and fire later in the week.
Good thing I had extra coffee this morning, so that I figured this one out.


Anonymous said...

Your diagram brings to mind Kliban's "How to Draw a Qat".

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

I want to make a poster out of that diagram! How much can we sell that for??? $$$