Tuesday, June 03, 2008

finally: vote Obama and stick it to the man

Remember those ads a couple of years ago? An executive in a top floor office tells his underling:
"...its my way of sticking it to the man"
"But sir, you ARE the man. So you're sticking it to yourself?"
Anyway, my election theme 2008: Vote Obama and stick it to the man. What man? The man in this case is the party of the clueless and ruthless, the party of 4 buck gas.
Hillary, my NY senator, whom I once suported as smart and capable, has proven herself somewhat agressive and mean and reports today suggest she will throw in the towel. (of course, Hillary's race with Obama was a good warmup to the real mudfest which begins today.


ML said...

So glad you just said what you did. I've been feeling that about Hiilary for quite a spell now. Aggressive and abrasive, as well. No thanks! And I never thought I'd be grateful that I no longer drive. My choice. Didn't want to be one of those stubborn old toots who insist and have 'accidents'. But with the current outrageous prices, Good for me!

denis said...

i feel the same way.

gr said...

5 buck gas? 7 bucks? ten anyone?

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