Friday, June 20, 2008

(piggies with eyebrows by Gary Rith)


Gordo said...


Tink said...

Those poor, poor piggies. I feel like attacking them with a pair of tweezers. ;)

Janet said...

those are SO cute!!!

Farmer*swife said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!! You have, HAVE, to make a Gal Piggy Bank with beautiful long black eyelashes!

And, you could do those dreamy eyelids and add "color"!!!! Like the female kitties on Tom & Jerry..those kind of eyes!

Happy Piggy! I mean, Happy Friday!

gary rith said...

I have noticed that the more close-set and googly the eyes, the funnier

Farmer*swife said...

Yes Gary...but Lil'Gals like pretty!

You give me a hot pink piggie with eye shadowed deep eyes (like the Miss Kitties on T&J mentioned above), you give her some of those black "mascara'ed" looking eye-lashes (if that is possible, what am I saying? This is GR),

and I will buy her for my Lil'Gal, make a pink tule tutu and I can almost promise you I can sell many for you from Lil'Gals viewing her in my house.

Serious (pending the cost beats the price of shipping, LOL!) I'd like one.

Oh, do I have to submit this "conversation" through ETSY?

And, what is the cost of a Piggie 9bank)?