Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deep thoughts with Spike: more Q and A

Spike takes over for a bit, so I will type for him:
Deborah in Tennessee wrote yesterday, begging for more Spike wisdom. Well, sure! I have millions of emails to answer.

For instance, Jack in Palo Alto wonders:
"Spike, what is your workout routine?"
Jack, I get up and I eat and chase bugs and eat and nap and roll around on the carpet and chase Penny and nap and eat some more and get high on catnip and then nap some physique is perfect.

Alan in Youngstown asks:
"With a glossy coat like yours, how do you keep the chicks at bay?"
I don't Alan, I thrive on the attentions of multiple women at any one time. It makes me purr.

Denis in Vermont asks:
"Spike, what's in marshmallows anyway? Are they Kosher, are they vegetarian???"
Denis, the answer will shock you: most marshmallows are made with the leftovers of the hotdog process--the hides and bones that go into gelatin. Nasty. Cats prefer tuna.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I may never eat a marshmallow again.

Gordo said...

Gelatin is nasty stuff. For years I've wondered about vegetarians and cameras. Film emulsion is made with gelatin.

gr said...

I plan to find the marshmallows NOT made w/ gelatin.

Janet said...

love the 3rd pic down where you can really see the roughies on his tongue!

Lucia said...

Looks like Spike does his hard thinking with his tongue out!

deborah said...

Thanks, Spike, for sharing your hard earned wisdom with us.
And to Gary for taking dictation this time as Spike obviously was otherwise occupied.

Reb said...

Gary, great series of photos! I love the expression on Spikes face in the first shot!

Susan as herself said...

Thanks Spike.

As usual, cat wisdom is dead on.

Farmer*swife said...

Spike lives the life, man! How great to have no worries, no stress! Lucky Kitty!

[GASP!] I know marshmellows are air filled crap but I thought they were fat free and made from chemicals....not bones, hair, and pork butts.

um, please excuse me....:-x
(exiting very nauseous)

gary said...

I bet somebody makes a good and simple sugar and chemical marshmallow rather than filled with...

Anonymous said...

marshmallows are easy to make.
so if you ever experiment with marsh mallow plant root, Gary, do report back on that. never tried it.
(you can pretend to have a mideval garden too, if you grow it yourself)

Spike, has Gary ever tried to make you eat vegan?
my former kitty didn't go for it one bit either. and in the end, her raw diet consisted of raw meat and other non-vegan items. though i am sure you would find it very wrong that she didn't get tuna.

denis said...

spike, i'm so sorry i asked!

they are now up with with hot dogs and sausages and jell-o. yikes!

ML said...

Oh, my! I never realized. My darling old Bella really surprised me when she turned up her nose at some of the most wondrous, line-caught, non-toxic, every kind of menacing/harmful stuff free tuna I'd special ordered online for myself but lovingly offered to share with her. Maybe that was a message? Nah!