Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 minutes in heaven with Gary, or how to make a plate

(movie by Gary! making a plate!!!!!!!) So, my pal Kcinnova has ordered something like 10 bowls and 10 plates. The first round of plates was a little too small for her herd of boys, so I am making a bigger batch and these are the last. Looking tres cool, no? Plates are easy to make, but their shape fills up my kiln in an odd way, so I only make and fire 3-4 at a time, then other stuff fits around them in the kiln. People ask how long it takes to make a plate (or other things) and as for the wheel part? I answer '2 minutes plus 25 years of experience'. Of course, not pictured here is the later trimming and glazing, not to mention playing with the cats and dogs and having a petite snack.


kcinnova said...

I just spent 2 minutes with my mouth hanging open in amazement!
A plate is born!

*small tear in eye, as that is MY plate being born*

O, happy day!


kcinnova said...

Thanks for the visual, Gary!

kcinnova said...

HERD of boys?! *snicker*

hmmmm...passle? crop? pack?

Farmer*swife said...

OMG!!! How cool is that! And, of course, I realize you make it look so simple because of your vast experience!!!!

That was cool to watch this wad of clay molded and spun into a plate!!!

I want more! I wanna' watch this plate develop from here till it's finished! Can you do that? [Time allowing?]

AND, I wanna watch you make a teapot! Please? Please?

FYI, I noticed the background music too. Do you and the wifie ever play the "Ghost" sound track? Just kiddin'!

I know you've probably heard that a kazillion times!!! LOL!

Happy Tuesday!

gr said...

oh, thanks! well, um, Ghost....Demi isn't my type, but SURE, I can be Patrick Swayze, anytime!
OK, I will trim the plate on camera tomorrow AND film glazing

Gordo said...

I could watch this stuff all day, Gary. thanks.

Reb said...

That was fascinating! I too would love to see more videos of you working. Can't wait to see the end result.

MissHeather said...

You are AMAZING, Gary. I'm completely addicted to your blog. I gave my nephew (who's turning 1) the blue Pig Bank I bought (the pink one is for me) and he loved learning to put coins in it. Your creation is creating family memories for us, which is INCREDIBLE. I am astounded at your talent. I wish I lived in NY so I could take classes from you!! I think I'm going to be a sucker and ask if you can make me the elephant teacups and kettle. I'm totally giving everyone Gary Rith gifts for Christmas this year. Your friend in Utah, Heather (heatherkerme on etsy)