Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glazing action on an early Sunday morning!

(Mister Pottersblog, his brush, and some pots awaiting glaze)
So, Penny wakes me up very early, per usual, but there is laundry to do, 3 dogs to walk, our cats to feed and catbox to clean PLUS the 3 cats over at the neighbors to feed and clean up after THEN I glaze and soon I have to do the dishes and cut the grass.
Sunday? Day of rest?????? Not for this self-employed house husband. And the filthy house needs cleaning too, as a boatload of relatives arrive at different times this week.
Our cats always go into the kitchen litter box and do a big stinky ______ the minute guests sit down for lunch. Maybe they'll be locked up somewhere for the day (s).


Anonymous said...

Lock them up? They won't like that one bit.
They are after all just contributing to the aromatic affair of the whole thing. You, after all, do put the litter box in the kitchen.

Have fun!

Very cute penny picture!

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Gary! Thanks for visiting my blog! It's such a kick to read your posts! They're always fresh and fun. You're an inspiration!

Reb said...

I suspect you love being that busy! You could move the offending item while the guest are there. The cats will still find it and then it won't matter.

gary said...

maybe I won't feed them this week

Farmer*swife said...

Agreed. After church and breakfast? It's usually, laundry, rooms, floors, kitchen, mirrors, kids messes.....bed linens....

Agreed. Oh, so you are asking why I am in here in bloggie world when so many chores await me?

Um, my lower back hurts pretty good today. Not that the computer chair makes it any better...but, hey? (It's MY excuse, right?)

Later Gator, After awhile Crocodile...Make like some clay and mold....(wait, that doesn't work does it...)

Latin Lupe Lu said...

GR - LOVE your new picture! A man who multi-tasks...must be the TJ in you! Good luck with those cats...the litter box is one of the main reasons I have never had a cat.

Lou said...

Sasha and Millie have that habit too - and it's always a big really stinky poo too. Lol. Poo. Ti hee.