Saturday, June 28, 2008


Maybe lately! Oh goodness, this is the BEST video, BEST BEST BEST. There are 3 people dressing up as dogs and cats and they break into houses and feed and spoil pets, and it sounds so good too.
And YES, they are Canadians, or perhaps Canadiens.


kate&jim said...

Obviously, this is a bit strange, Gary. ;) But it sure made me miss my Emma girl, when the person picked up the dog and rocked him like a baby.

What kind of Canada 'green' is going on up there??? lol!

No T storms yet here. Just humid and hot. (and don't be thinkin' 'bout sending any our way, either!) ;)

kate&jim said...

Ya know - it took me THREE times, just to leave the above comment! Typing all those word verifications, is a b....! (all worthwhile, though.)

gary rith said...