Wednesday, June 25, 2008

deep thoughts with Spike, Q and A and a movie review of Lilo and Stich!

I'll do the typing, but Spike here has some things to share with you:

Susan from Susquehanna asks: "Spike, how did you get a glaze named after you?"
Susan, I have these beautiful greenish eyes, brimming with intelligence and mystery. H*me Depot is considering a new latex paint color called Spike too.

Johnny in Kalamazoo wants to know: "what would you call a power breakfast?"
Johnny, these people I live with don't give me much choice in the matter, to my daily distress. I have to get up on the table and the counter and toss the keys or flower vases onto the floor (REALLY!) before somebody feeds me crunchies around ten. Later on I get some tuna, but I don't consider this lack of dietary control befitting a cat of my stature. Salmon at 3 am would be ideal.

And finally, I saw the funniest and best movie last night about a blue space alien named Stitch that looks and acts a whole lot like a 6 legged cat. "Lilo and Stitch" is classic Disney and superb viewing for both cats and people and beautifully animated too. The little girl is so naughty! The alien is so bad! Ten little claws up out of ten.


greg said...

good to see someone else liking the "classics" ;) . Watched "Flushed Away" with 'zette and the kids last night. Lots of perfect kid humour (right up my alley much to zette's chagrin hee hee)

keep up the wonderful whimsy potterman and see you all on the 19th!

gary rith said...

oh yes, 'Flushed Away'!!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Love the pic of him peering over the chair! I haven't seen Lilo and Stitch...but after 10 claws could I not want to?

gary rith said...

oh, it is EXCELLENT, I totally agree with Spike on this, and thanks for the visit!