Monday, June 09, 2008

stuff for Newt and her hubster

(pots by Gary Rith, and the man himself glazing the stuff yesterday)
Just cracked open and unloaded the kiln. My pal Newt ordered a nifty sugar, creamer and 2 mugs for herself and hubster. As we saw below, she has something like 8 cats and dogs.
So, the kiln wfired up to 2200 degrees yesterday, and is cool enough to unload now, and YES it was nearly 100 degrees outside and today and YES YES YES I am quite sweaty.


denis said...

i was stuck in the attic with at least a foot of blown in insulation all over all day. you wanna talk sweaty...and dirty? how misery loves company.

Reb said...

It is raining and cold here. You do lovely work Gary.

Newt said...

Newt is squealing with delight. They are BEAUTIFUL! Oh my gosh!

Gordo said...

Gorgeous stuff, Gary.

It's supposed to cool down here today and into the weekend. Low 20s! Yay! That would be low 70s for you folks.

Ellen said...

Well done!

I actually am firing a kiln of bisque right now, and I THREW! For the first time in weeks! I need to continue. Clay is good for the soul, and I NEED it.