Friday, June 06, 2008

blue on blue

(bowl by Gary Rith)
So, ____ asked for a specific elephant bowl: mama and 3 baby elephants, and we all have to say 'tres cute!'. I guess I am one of those people who is a sucker for cute animal babies, but fortunately for my checkbook, the market for cute animal babies in art is infinite.
I am in an interesting spot at the moment, if I may say. The first ten years I was in business I went to craft fairs of some kind nearly every week June-Christmas. Something changed two years ago when I started this blog, ORDERS. Fortunately we have a post office around the corner. Last year I had 250 items sold from the internet, and so far this year I have almost 250 items sold due to the net. Certainly, I am no millionaire, but this is my job and how I buy groceries, so THANKS! It is a really fun way to meet people and socialize.
OK, so the wife is out of town for a couple of days, Borat was a terrible movie last night, what's up for today? 90s! It is wicked hot and humid. My parents visit today and I will fire up my little smokey Joe grill and there will be veggy burgers and such. I have to clean and.....I think it is time for a haircut. At least tops and front, I can't cut the back very easily.


Gordo said...

An online success story! Yay!

gr said...

well, people have been nice to me

Greg said...

Tres cute and just perfect Gary! And I know it will all keep growing each year!

Fortune Cookies said...

ut oh, gary, careful cutting front and top but not the back, we dont want to stage a follicular-intervention over here! you surely don't want to be called gr-the mullet man! ;)