Monday, June 23, 2008

Grit in the gears: it is like riding a bicycle, pottery is

(vase by Grit in the gears)
Saw a comment from a stranger, turns out it is a blogger from Britain who is an extremely skilled potter who has not made pots in awhile. VERY skilled, and who did a post on ME plus what had led to their early career in pottery and such....interesting viewing and reading. Sorry, but the blog is new to me, and I don't know much about them yet....


kate&jim said...

I like this guys work too! I popped over to his place and took a look. Really nice stuff - and a nice nod to you, Gary.

Susan as herself said...

Wow---that pot is something that reminds me of the 70's---so retro hip!

denis said...

so, potterman, how many can you make in an 8 hour period? lots & lots that i know for sure!

soubriquet said...

Thank you, Gary, and thank you visitors and commenty-peoples, I'd been feeling a bit despondent about my not-potting current status.
You've given me a boost, there, and an intention to dig out the wheel, and take her for a spin!

Susan -70's retro hip!!!!
Yay!!! is it the shape or the pink/blue glaze?

P.s.... that one's in Texas, now.