Monday, June 23, 2008

little bowlies

(bowls by Gary Rith)
Terrible thunder and lightening at 3 something in the morning, right HERE. No problems though. We live a very short distance from the electric company offices and are on the same neighborhood circuit or something, and therefore don't lose power very easily. Understandably, at the least, the electric company needs power to help others get theirs back.
So, off to Cornell pot shop this afternoon to teach advanced students, also thinking about making dozens more little piggy Christmas ornaments and awaiting the kiln opening: some experiments in there.


kate&jim said...

Morning, Gary.

No storms during the night, here. But we had 2 or 3 during the afternoon, yesterday.

gary rith said...

watch out, they may be there SOON

Hilary said...

Those piggy bowls are too cute. Very creative.

Thanks too, for visiting my part of the blogosphere.

Reb said...

Gary, that yellow is wonderful!

gary said...

buttery lemon, and thanks!