Monday, June 23, 2008

ribs and presidents

(basic pottery tools, ribs on left, and Cornell President Skorton with the Cornell bear)
So, was walking 2 of the 3 dogs just now and that sort of thing shakes the memory and gets the juices flowing, and YES, I did find a four leaf clover in the park but I remembered my dream of the early am. I dreamt that I went to a party at Cornell President David Skornton's house. I was the first to arrive and it was a gorgeous place, but although I had on a jacket and nice pants and shirt, the shirt was untucked and I had no tie and no shoes or socks. The president sugeested I tuck in my shirt, which I did, then he wandered off and I began eating from the piles of treats on the table, but his wife came in and thought I was some poorly dressed servant not an invited guest and wanted to know where my shoes were, I wanted to know too, and so I spent the rest of a very long dream looking for my shoes.
Profound, eh? I bet Skornton's office gets this post and wonders what the hell its all about, but hey, they invited me, OK?
The other extremely important thing, in case my students in the afternoon class read this (hello Jeremy and Sam!) I was thinking that once we work on trimming and handles we should concentrate on the use of ribs in throwing shapes. Exciting!

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CM said...

Having not yet had breakfast, I got rather excited at the thought of ribs. Alas, wrong kind.