Wednesday, June 04, 2008

fiddling around

(stuff by Gary Rith)
I was NOT in the mood yesterday to oh, say, make any orders. Plus, while in line at the bank, I had a petite little idea which I doodled and stuffed into my pocket, this frog teapot (or coffeepot) here. The idea popped into my head, but as I was making it, the original idea of one frog on top became 'go nuts: add frogs to each foot on the bottom!'.
So, with the items below, and fiddling around with these frogs, suddenly an afternoon goes POOF and is gone.


Anonymous said...

You put that in there (the part about not making any orders) just to give me grief, didn't you, Gary?

Oh, well. It's a cute coffee pot.

gr said...

um, is taking a little time to make your plates, isn't it?

CM said...

That frog looks like he's waiting for you to pour him a cuppa.

Reb said...

I like this, the frogs are really cute.

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