Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dee Sprague and Thou Art

(painting by Dee Sprague)

I was lurking around a gallery I am involved with in Groton, NY, Thou Art in the old church, trying to steal some free cookies and coffee, and my old pal Dee Sprague stopped in. Dee is selling on Etsy now, click the link and go spend some money: although her paintings are hundreds of dollars, her cards and prints are CHEAP!!!!!!!!! This work is exquisite!!!!!!!!!!!! She will be embarrassed that I spread it on so thick, but its true. She has about 30 bunnies for sale too.


TheColorTree said...

Can the bunnies be shipped?

gr said...

geez, Werner, you could drive up there and pick up a couple of dozen, no probs!

Lis Garrett said...

Exquisite, indeed! OH.WOW.

Her work deserves a double woot!


I think my favorite is Wild Washer Woman. :-)

ML said...

Make mine that "Rabbit Running West"! Love it.