Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh Canada...a tribute to Kingston the Capital of Cool


Kingston, Ontario is THE place to be. We talked last month about Sarah Harmer living in Kingston, but did you know that Dan Akyroyd and the Tragically Hip are from Kingston, too? Can you believe it? The missus and me moved to the outskirts of Kingston this past spring. Well, only 4 hours drive or something like that. You could ask why Kingston is so hot, but maybe it has something to do with Queen's University, or maybe the crummy weather is an incubator for creativity, or maybe Kingston's rather large inmate population creates certain creative tensions. So, enjoy ‘Grace, Too’ from the Tragically Hip, and dig those amazing guitars.


cm said...

Queen's?! Puh-lease. For another side of Kingston, check out the Headstones.

gr said...

Headstone's????? Does this have anything to do with the convict population?

Gordo said...

Bleah, the Hip are so cool, they won't play Kingston. We don't have a venue big enough for their overblown egos.

Ackroyd's not FROM Kingston, he has a summer home North of town. The Arrogant Worms did get their start here, though.

Andy Poole is also a local (and a friend), although he lives in New Zealand at the moment.

gr said...

Our man Dan Akyroyd makes his claim when he introduces the tune. That is the info used to make that rather slim claim. It's a great live clip though! Don't you want to dust off your black Levi's jeans and your teenage-know-it-all attitude?

Anonymous said...

Some never left their teen-age know-it-all attitude. Now, where are those jeans?

Muad'Dib said...

We moved to Ktown when I started working there in 1998. Moved away last year but still working there. If all goes well, moving back in a couple of months for good.

I love Kingston.

more restaurants per capita then most mid sized NA cities, Queens girls jogging about in spandex year round, coffe shops a plenty, rock, water, ships, history, Queens girls jogging about in spandex year round..

gr said...

'Dune' was a great book and a stupid movie: too much material for just one flick.
The missus and I have an invitation to Kingston we need to take advantage of.
As for youthful joggers in spandex, living surrounded by Cornell, I have remarked that everyone here looks like they are 20 and were just playing soccer a minute ago. And you know what? Everyone is 20, and probably did just get off the playing field.