Thursday, October 19, 2006

North Korean Death Rays

According to Mrs Potter'sblog, everybody in the city has a head encased in cotton candy. What is this head fog, with attendant stuffed nose, sinuses, scratchy throat? Well, I place the blame squarely on Kim Jong Il, and although that is funny to joke about, it actually isn't funny to joke about. We are downwind of North Korea, after all.
Stuffed heads lead improbably to creative thoughts. Dreams of dog sled racing in far northern Manitoba, followed by some kind of of sky scraper and a rapid descent of stairs in order to get married, all over again, because I have been married nearly 14 years. Feverish, yes?

Radiohead, day 4, ‘Kid A’, LIVE. Thom Yorke dancing, great tune, nice camera job by some average Joe in the audience, in Dublin.


cm said...

I highly recommend a shot of whisky in a cup of hot water to cure the cotton candy head. Or at least make you oblivious to it for a moment.

gr said...

Appropriate measures are being taken, oh yes.

Alan said...

Ought you not lnk to Mrs. Potter's blog or is it Mr. Potter Blog's Missus you are referring to?

gr said...

Alan, in my fog, I lost you there. Mrs Potter'sblog is unlinkable because she is my missus, and does not have anything to link to, really. Well, me, I guess.