Saturday, October 28, 2006

Alice Muhlback and dreams

(I am a patron of the arts: painting by Alice Muhlback)
Dreams again. Of course! Sometimes you wake up, after the cats have played trampoline on you half the night, and you are NOT rested. I sure got 40 winks last night and feel fresh as a daisy now. It was an active night, though, for my subconscious.
I have heard that sometimes people who can’t walk can walk in their dreams, and people who have lost their sight can see in their dreams, etc. Heck, they are dreams, after all. Again, I dream of skills I don’t have, and wake feeling heroic and macho. I don’t skate very well, and havn’t been on ice for 10 years, but dreamt I was a left wing (never right wing, of course)on a men’s adult league hockey team and whoooee, I got around on the ice and our team could really kick some ice. Then, of course, I dreamt of Amish neighbors that I don’t have, except these were forward thinking Amish types, and they were souping up their carriages into wicked cool aero-dynamic buggies, silver, made of composites and alloys, good for racing, which they did.

We move straight from dreams to dreamy paintings by my friend Alice. I always say that if I wasn't a potter I would be a rock and roll drummer or an illustrator, neither of which I can do, but Alice is the illustrator and painter I would be if I could. If you remember the movie 'A Christmas Story', the father buys a really tacky lamp, which is a woman's leg in a stocking. I brought home some wild stuff last night which I had traded for, but fortunately I have TASTE.
OK, Alice Muhlback paints some most excellent things that are wild and funny, so I got the cowboy in the dress and the fish below. I am a seriously lucky dude, to know people like Alice, and that she is the guiding light at Spirit and Kitsch art garage
(site is updated, but needs to add ME)

So, in answer to the question how she got to Ithaca, the answer was she drove around looking for a new hometown and liked it here. Same with us! Her illustrations are all over this site.
PS- scorecard for cm: an afternoon at the cash register resulted in 12, count ‘em 12 voided transactions. I would NEVER hire me to do even the simplest job.


cm said...

A record! hee

gr said...

Maybe one day I will master basic business machines.

Susan as herself said...

Those are some mighty cool paintings. I like the cowboy the best.

gr said...

Howdy, Susan, now git!

Lucia said...

I'm loving the Amish part of this dream with the souped up buggies.

gr said...

Amish live near my parents, about 50 miles from here, and I drove by their one room schoolhouse yesterday and little kids were in the rain playing with a wagon and having soooo much fun!
Thanks for stopping in Lucia,