Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lynn Smiser-Bowers, KC potter of the day

Ok, still hanging out in Kansas City. My third favorite KC potter is my MOST favorite, as anybody who knows me and my work might have guessed already. This woman’s work is so colorful and fun and well made, I wouldn’t mind spending a months’ grocery and cat food money on one of her pieces, and I wouldn’t say that about anybody else’s work in the world! My favorite potter on earth!!!!! As Wayne said to Alice Cooper "I’m not worthy!", but also as celeste would tell me, "patience, grasshopper", which my wife now uses as my nickname. Maybe one day I can be cool like Lynn S-B. OK, I will keep plugging away. Her resume, of course, lists a BA at KC Art Institute, and we can guess that Ken Ferguson got her started, etc. Like I said Monday.

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