Thursday, July 10, 2008


Jenn at Juggling Life bestowed this hideous looking award upon me (THANKS!!!! WOW!) and it is quite impressive to be singled out like that. The problem, of course, is sharing the bloggy love! I have the whole list of links down the right over there, and I visit many blogs daily, but my goodness, how do you choose just a few as winners?
THEREFORE, I am doing something different: I am choosing 2 blogs that are fairly new to me, but are also pottery blogs.
Claymouse studio is a fun and funny potter and blogger in California, and then there's Douglas Fitch at A Devonshire Pottery. Douglas is esp. worthy because: a) he is so darn skilled, b) seems to make a helluva lot of stuff and c), my favorite, posts a LOT, just like me.
So, there are my two award winners, cheers folks, and have a look everybody!


Patricia Griffin said...

Wow! What an honor! I guess this completely destroys my perception that I never win anything!!! Thanks Gary. (Seriously, it is a real kick to be selected!)... Is the idea that Douglas and I now pass on the honor to some other unwary suspect?

Janet said...

Congrats on your award; going to check out your peeps!

doug fitch said...

Hi Gary, thank you for that, that's very kind! Just as I was presented with it, I didn't post for ages, Things have been mad busy my end. Thanks again I feel honoured :), have a good week, best wishes.