Thursday, July 03, 2008

everybody loves penguins, another chapter

(fresh blue penguin bowls by Gary Rith)
Dreamt I was hanging out with BB King and Buddy Guy and a bunch of other bluesmen (so why did I post The Cure this morning?). I actually met Buddy Guy once and he drank my girlfriend's beer. My dreams were interrupted by 3 police sirens at different times, I wonder what was going on?
My visitors yesterday??? Oh yes, a very good visit with parents and Uncle Tom. My banana bread is better than my mothers because:
1) I use a blender to pulp and fluff the bananas
2) I add lemon
3) I add a million blueberries
My mom can learn things from me.


Tink said...

Who knew penguins could be so cute! I really like the one lounging around.

gary rith said...

thanks, like on a beach, you know

ML said...

A really great addition to you darling and delightful menagerie, Gary. Keepers, definitely!

Fortune Cookies said...

look at that little penguin on his back! he makes me smile a big warm fuzzy smile!

CM said...

A blender! Brilliant! Where were you when I was trying to mash rock-hard bananas?

As for penguins, to quote my sis: "You can't look at a penguin and not smile."

Newt said...

I giggled at "my mom can learn things from me"

Very beautiful shade of blue.

Reb said...

Now all those need is an iceberg of vanilla ice cream! Beautiful colour Gary.

Susan as herself said...

Blueberries in banana bread----YUM!!!!

I am of the long held belief that "a million blueberries" makes anything better.