Monday, August 04, 2008


Grete, Aara, and Denis' ladyfriend Kim came over yesterday to mess around in the clay studio. It was most succesful and entertaining, and we gobbled up half of a chocolate pie....
Did you hear the joke about the Harvard grad?
A young man is in a job interview. The boss says "I see you went to Harvard"
Young man: Oh, I did, could you tell because of my polished manners?
Boss: No it isn't that.
YM: Is it my large vocabulary?
Boss: Not that either.
YM: Ah, it must be my quick brain.
Boss: Nope.
YM: Well then, how could you tell that I went to Harvard?
Boss: I could see your class ring when you were picking your nose.

ANYWAY, Aara went to Harvard, actually, and it is fun to tell embarrassing Harvard jokes to people like that.


Kim said...

My fingers were coated with clay and it made them feel good. Kind of made them feel silky.

Anyway... enjoyed seeing you and watching the pottery session.

I'll be back to glaze my clay beads.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Funny joke!

I can see "Olivia" in this picture. ;-)

gary rith said...

Olivia is my hero.