Thursday, August 21, 2008

My next life Ima gonna be a DRUMMER

Sitting around getting depressed with Spike over Joe Biden, had to think of something. That something is a cup of tea, a triple peanut butter sandwich and a GODSMACK DRUM DUEL.
I am reminded of Phil Lesh of the Dead saying in midconcert once that "Mickey wants everyone to know, drummers don't make house calls" and of course in the movie Spinal Tap, there was a certain doom attached to being a drummer. A fatal glamour.
If you love Godsmack like me, you will agree that the only thing better than the usual performance might be when lead singer Sully Erna straps on a drum kit and a rack of bongos AND has a drummers duel with their drummer.........
OK, I'm ready to do the dishes now.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Neil Peart! I humbly present him as quite possibly the world's greatest rock drummer.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you run for president. I don't like either of them! I'm still pissed that Hillary didn't get the nomination!

Farmer*swife said...

Nathing a do about this, but i emailed our little scenario and sent a bunch of pics of Lil'Gal from start of batter to Farmer, Jr. taste testing!

Geeze, took forever! Sorry, I couldn't get the pictures to shrink in pixels.

Let me know what you think and link me to your completed piece!

tt said...

yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beat them drums!!!!