Friday, August 29, 2008


(pots being glazed by Gary Rith; left to right middle pic: kiln and blower on top, washer, buckets of glaze on floor, glaze table on right; Buster and Penny warming up)
I hope I don't sound boastful, but up at 4:50, breakfast for dogs and people, shower, blog post and music video, take care of cats next door, walk our dogs--it is very cold and rainy! which is why they are cuddled up---then a couple of hours of glazing pots and washing laundry, then load the kiln and hit the on switch, unload washer. I air dry the laundry in the studio, are you surprised to hear that? We don't need a dryer. With the kiln's dry heat and the ventilation fans, stuff dries nicely.


Gordo said...

I could barely pry my eyes open at 6:30 this morning, Gary. I don't know how you do the 5am thing.

Linda Starr said...

Anything to save on electric costs is good. I envy you the rain; going to be 104 or here today. What a cute caterpillar; I saw a monarch caterpillar on the milkweed here yesterday.

fiwa said...

oh my god... I was up at 5 and I'm STILL not awake. You maniac.

I love the pic of Buster and Penny spooning. It's cold and rainy here too.

I wish I had somewhere to hang my laundry - but it's too damp here 99% of the time.

gary rith said...

It is too snowy here most of the time, to hang laundry outside! But you know, a hot and dry studio does it.
The missus has this early schedule while classes get rolling at Cornell, and getting up early gives you a chance to get a million things done.

tt said...

You sound like my Lovee...well, minus the pottery and blogging. :)he does that stuff too..thank goodness! I love to watch a man work. lol

Barbara Martin said...

Energy efficient...good man!

The old saying is right:
Early to bed,
early to rise,
make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

kcinnova said...

We get up at 4:50 here, too (well, SuperDad & I do) but only on his workdays! Today we slept in until 7:30. It was marvelous!
However, even with the same early hour, you have me beat in the efficiency department. I waited all day to hang the laundry outside but it kept spitting rain all day. Even when it wasn't raining, the dew point was just 4 degrees below the actual temperature of 72 degrees! So now I have to use the dryer or the clothes will mildew.
EB is doing a science experiment on line-drying clothes vs. using the dryer in the wintertime. If he did it at your house, we'd never use a dryer again!

When we lived in El Paso, hanging the clothes in the wind was a chore, but some things were dry within 10 minutes!