Friday, August 29, 2008


It's my life. Another 10 big thumbs up out of ten for this tune, UBER 80s, and there are ZEBRAS in this video.

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Barbara Martin said...

Nice video...loved the zebras and the elephants!

The elephants reminded me of an incident in Toronto about 18 years ago at the corner of King Street and Bay Street where I saw a handler with a young female Indian elephant (2 years old). The handler was getting her used to strange sights and crowds of people, yet this was just after most of the rush-hour crowds had gone. While I spoke to the man, quick as a wink the elephant had slipped her nose into my trenchcoat pocket and fliched two peanuts in their shells I had in there. She was really upset when she had to give them back. The handler said she had to learn not to take things from stranger's pockets. But she was allowed to take one from my hand when I offered it to her. Elephants use the two flaps at the end of their trunk like fingers.