Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Regular Guy Reviews: The Bank Job

Went over to friends' house to play with the dog and baby, eat pizza (well, everybody else had pizza, this dairy-allergic guy had...salad....and chocolate cookies! I made them. They're triple chocolate and GOOD.).
They have a monster flat screen TV and monster speakers. We have a petit little belly top portable dvd player for movies at home. It is about 7-8 inches. Their's is several FEET long. About.
Anyway! The Bank Job. Rent it NOW. Jason Statham (pictured) is a small-time crook who gets a chance at a BIG-TIME heist. Then there are spies, gangsters, black nationalists, corrupt police AND uncorrupt police. The best movie you've seen in years, just like Ocean's 11, except the STORY IS TRUE. Yep. It all really happened. Impossible.
This regular guy says it deserves 10 fat thumbs up out of 10.


denis said...

i never heard of this film. but i'll certainly put it on my list of films to watch because i trust your movie review 100%. it has never let me down.

gary rith said...

this could go to ELEVEN out of ten fat thumbs up, it is so good

Lis Garrett said...

I'm adding this to my Netflix! My husband will watch it for the action, and I'll just watch it for the dude. ;-)