Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Is it the water? The education system? I know so many smart people from north of the border. Barbara from Toronto and her blog is the most recent find.
Barbara blogs history and geography, and you're amazed at the work she puts into researching these topics and presenting them for readers. Although she works in law, she writes dark fantasy as her main interest.
Woohoo! DARK FANTASY! I had to find out more about that and she tells me:

Yes, dark fantasy.

Writers are required to have a one sentence tag-line
about their novels. For my first novel it is:
"A woman goes to her grandmother's birthplace seeking
relatives and learns she's not all human."

In my blog is an endorsement from my editor, Michael
Carr, which should give you a fairly good idea about
dark fantasy.

To give you a very brief review of the opening to the
first novel:

Two brothers squabble about taking a short cut through
the woods, the eldest taunting his brother: "Don't go
into Miller's Woods after the light of day,
There's a monster there who will drink your blood
after the light of day."

This rhyme is based on a myth in this backwater town
the boys live in. How much of it is really myth?

No, it's not a story about vampires.

Barbara Martin

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Reb said...

I like Barbara, she is very interesting.