Sunday, August 31, 2008

UPPING THE ANTE: hint number 2....

....about Tuesday's prize sweepstakes here at pottersblog. There will actually not be one prize. TWO lucky winners will be picked, in the US or Canada*, to each win one of my handmade pots, a runner up and a grand prize winner!
Stay tuned. More hints coming, and the whole enchilada finally explained Tuesday.

*foreign too, I guess, if you are willing to spend the 20-40 bucks on shipping--I will pay shipping US or Canada.


Farmer*swife said...

Cool Beans! Just walked in the door from the b-day party and Macxine was catching me up on what I missed!

She's all cool like that, and stuff! ;-)

I'm in the know!!!! And, TWO prizes! That doubles my chances!!!

So, Monday night -- at almost mid-night -- it'd be really cool if you'd give an extra special hint to those bloggies who will "wait up" for it.

But, don't tell anyone....bloggies just have to think to check in then to get lucky.

If mid-night is too late I'd, I, mean bloggies, would take 10:00 pm. ;-D

sol y sombra creations said...

Hey left~winger! love your pic of dee-LITE!

Kim said...

What do I have to do to win?

Farmer*swife said...

No worries kim. I've got this one in the bag!

[snort!] Just kidding...Gary might kick me out of the game if I try to intimidate the competition! LOL!!!

kim be witty!! kim be quick! kim jump over the....oh wait. Wrong story.

May we all be at our best on Tuesday!!!! Good luck to us all! For the competition of Potter's Blog!!!

Farmer*swife said...

Whoop! Whoop!

Anonymous said...

Not just one, but TWO chances!! Yippee!!

I was just showing off your handiwork to some folks last weekend.

kate et jim said...

Well - where is Greg and Gordo and Denis and CM and Celeste! (where the heck is Celeste, by the way?!) Lou and OGP and Mary Lee???