Saturday, August 02, 2008

shingles and soakers

Steve found shingles at a place at the far end of the county and they were delivered--by crane! That is so cool. The truck just lifts them up and then nobody has to carry them up a ladder--they are already on the roof. He nearly finished the shingling Friday, but is coming back this am--and it is sooooo rainy out there. Lightening and thunder too. The north wall of the garage is supported by air and will receive posts etc. We had planned to pour a new foundation over there, but guess what? There already is one, buried under dirt and rotten posts! The posts and sill had simply rotted. This little wooden garage has been in place about 113 years, and this is probably the first work it has gotten. It will always be ugly, but at least it will be sturdy and dry for my bikes, and now we just have to build posts on the north side and finish the roof.


CM said...

How can anything be ugly with a coat of purple paint? B called every painted house we saw on our trip a Potter's house; one of them actually was.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gary,
Thanks for posting about this. I'm v. interested in anything home renovation-related. Can't wait to see the finished work when next I visit.

kcinnova said...

I really must take a pic of our town's purple house. Yes, we have one. (Not mine)