Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympics? What's that?

I have my favorites and I have my habits. August is exciting because of football training camp and preseason, baseball gets tense and hot, and soon hockey players report to training and their season starts in October. I have no interest in whatever they are doing in Beijing, but I wonder if I am alone in this?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

We are opposites.

I'm a sports widow, trying for well over a decade to come to terms with the loss of my spouse during the NFL and NBA seasons.

Olympic games? Young and talented athletes? Easy peasy. Love it. Political and social issues in host countries? Makes me struggle while I watch.


gary rith said...

Good point. Peace, love and a level playing field, right?

Farmer*swife said...

I love the fact that we have the olympics and that all these nations and countries get to show off their athletic skills.

I support our country and am proud of our olympians and medal winners.

Do I want to watch it on T.V. for hours at a time? NO.

Does it bother me that I have no choice about my fav show at that time of day vs. the olympics that are dominating the network that day and time? YES

I'm thinking they could share the highlights of the event for ten minutes every hour or two and leave the die hard "olymic watching" on a channel dedicated just for that.

Love my USA though! Go for GOLD!!!!

John Bailey said...

I enjoy the spectacle, the political history and the social engineering. The firework display is cool, too.

One word of warning, however. We get the next Olympiad, in London. If anyone even suggests we spend anything like that sort of money there will be bloody revolution here.

Lou said...

I'm with you Gary, couldn't give a flying fig leaf

gary rith said...

Flying fig leaf!
The reason I am uninterested in Olympics? To me, it is too much. Much as I might like beach volleyball, I wish we had old fashioned Olympics consisting of a few sports like track and field and swimming. I get so overwhelmed with all that is going on I just avoid the whole thing.
To me, even though I know nothing about the sport, the ultimate are the mens and womens world cup soccer every 4th year. I can get excited about that, because it has a certain focus.

Gordo said...

$47 Billion has been spent by the Chinese (double the Athens spending) on these games and they've kept none of the promises that they made to get them.

I think the trouble can be summed up quite nicely by the kerfuffle with the four US track cyclists who came off the plane in Greyjing wearing anti-pollution masks. The Chinese authorities took offense and they had to apologise in writing.

John, if the London committee even dreams of spending that kind of public coin to pay for an event run by a private corporation that answers to no one, they deserve the revolt.

gary said...

47 billion! Like I say, it is just so much and so overwhelming!

fiwa said...

Hello - returning your visit. I love your banner photo.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has no interest in the Olympics. I think we are a small group though.

lovins -

Anonymous said...

Watching too much TV gives me headaches. That said, I do enjoy watching some of the events. The athletes work incredibly hard and I thrill at seeing them do their best. And I had no idea that a badminton birdie could go 200mph. (Well, it can't when I'm the one with the racket, but WOW, when someone truly good at the sport does it!)
Because I have friends who have lived in China, I also enjoy seeing parts of the country highlighted during the Olympics. I have seen more this year than I did 4 years ago. My favorites to watch are the gymnastics, track and field events, and swimming/diving events. However, I find myself wishing I had TiVo or DVR or whatever, so I could see things at my own convenience. (This would esp. come in handy for the Winter Olympics, which I like better than the summer Games.)