Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Letter to farmer's wife, because they are interesting questions

Farmer's wife asks if the cats are tired of being photographed AND WHY does a bowl which is glazed in something that looks green turn red in the firing?

Dear FW: I think I remember you have a science back ground so here you go:
for some reason, when tin oxide (which is white) and a little bit of chrome oxide (green), are both added to a glaze base in powder form, and then are melted together over 2000 degrees they react and become RED. A nice strawberry red glaze. As for the cats, I have noticed they grimace when they see me coming with the camera, because they don't like the flash!

Right now the cats want their midday TUNA.


Lynda said...

"More than pigs on pots" - I love that! You really crack me up.

gary rith said...

I am half thinking about 'Not just pigs on pots' too.

Susan as herself said...

You definintely have pigs on pots and more!!!!!!!!!!!!