Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a whole lotta nothing?

(Penny, the baby kiln after a bisque firing, Spike and Penny having an interspecies cuddle)

I really need to glaze the items in the baby kiln. Stuff for Mary Lee and Kate and Jim right there. But first, waste a little time here.

Snow has stopped, we got maybe 6-8 inches since Sunday, no big deal overall.


Greg said...

ahhhhh... those last 2 pics make me wanna go right back to bed!

gr said...

the first one reminds of something I saw in the bathroom of a diner once:
'if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet and wipe the seat'
I better lay off the coffee and do some glazing

Greg said...

hey man.. have you ever tried "glazing" with actual strong coffee? would it even impart a nice coffee bean colour? ;)

ML said...

Not on my stuff, puhleeze! And Spike could give Garfield points on eating, I'd say. What a great big, like as in HUGE!, cat that is. Lots of kitty there for petting.

Gordo The Geek said...

Gary, I'm sure Penny would like some privacy during her morning constitutional ... Sheesh

Anonymous said...

what a cuddle cat

how much does spike weigh?


Anonymous said...

not as an insult to spike.
just curious.

peanut was an eight pound kitty
and was for many years my only extended experience/exposure to cats, so i have a hard time imagine cats as separate from her


gr said...

Spike was 12 pounds at the spca (a skinny homeless waif), 13 pounds when the vet first saw him after we got him,and now he is really fat--I don't know how he did it in just 4 months. Emily, our 13 year old cat, is really fat too. Our dogs are very active and are all trim. I try to cut the cat food down, but I swear, they get back at me--this morning Spike wanted his food so much he dumped my radio on the floor.

Susan as herself said...

Look at Spike's belly. That is one happy cat. (And like you said, well-fed.) :)

Kate & Jim said...

I was looking at Spikes belly too! Geesh...he's big! lol!

Our Molly cat will jump up, land on our stomaches in the morning and stomp back and forth till we get up and feed them. The other 2 cats just sit on the floor and let her take all the blame...hehe!

Mrs. P weighs in said...

You have to pet his belly by stealth, otherwise you lose your hand.