Friday, December 21, 2007

The Kids are alright: the next generation checks in

(elephant pot by Virginia: the original joke of 2 weeks ago was that a high school student wanted a glaze recipe from me, and I said 'yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but is it me? NO' Therefore, we have named our student artist Virginia, her high school in Connecticut, Troy. I did not think it would be polite to post their real names, unless they gave me permission)
SO, Virginia checks in from Connecticut, and sends us pictures of her elephant pot! I see astounding skill and talent here.
Every day the news tells us horror stories of teenagers smoking crack, having babies and becoming republicans, but with Virginia and her school, we see we have hope. Every young person should be encouraged to develop creative skills.
Virginia tells us:
'so, i'm not sure if you even remember me haha but i finally fired my pot. and i took pictures. so here's the thing, i couldn't use your glaze because our class is crunched for time, with the semester ending shortly and winter break coming up very soon... so we didn't have time to make and fire your glaze recipie, but i did promise you a picture...or four so here they are. :-) The glaze came out a little darker than i wanted, but i am very pleased with it anyways. I tried a jackson pollock effect on the inside. I wish i had a better camera that would get the color a lot better but i don't so this will have to do...'
Virginia, this elephant is WONDERFUL. Please stay with it, send us more updates in the future, and good luck from potsblog.


Greg said...

Way to go Virginia! I do love that elephant and know someone else who would as well! Is it a pot for plants? fort drinking out of (I think it could make a wonderful mug with that trunk for a handle). Keep up the good work!

I agree with gary, encouraging and promoting every youth to try their hand at something creative is very important. :)

ML said...

Oh, yes, Virginia, very good, indeed! And thank heaven, the powers that be haven't seen fit to rid the school systems of all of the important things that decorate our lives, i.e., pottery, woodworking, music,in short, all of the so-called 'arts'. These are important, if for no other reason than that they bring us joy.

Gordo The Geek said...

Amen, ML. Virginia, that pot IS incredible. Please let us know your mark on it!

denis said...

two thumbs way up! BTW, what grade did the teacher give it? virginia, stick with gary and you'll go far!

Susan as herself said...

Wow----that girl is great!!! I could have never made that in high school.

And, Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Potsblog!!!!

Virginia said...

I got a 99 on the pot, and it is WAY to big for a mug. it's about a foot and a half tall. thanks for all the praise guys, it's much appreciated. i will be sure to continue to send in photos of my work, this time with a ruler next to it :-)

gr said...

A foot and a half tall!